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About us

LMT GROUP is a provider of value-added telecommunications services, leader in Central Africa, with over 18 years of experience. Our expertise lies in the design, implementation and management of customer relationship management solutions for our partners, local and international.

We know that every member (of the audience) of an organization is dear to them. This is why we favor the collaborative approach, using all our expertise not only in improving existing GRC solutions, but also in innovating more optimal solutions.

Concevoir des solutions omnicanal de gestion de la relation client qui permettent aux organisations d’accompagner leurs clients avec chaleur et professionnalisme

Etre leader de la relation client en Afrique.

LMT est une équipe de professionnels qui s’adresse à des clients qui tirent le plein potentiel de leurs solutions innovantes avec assurance et satisfaction.

Nous simplifions la vie de vos clients.

Some key figures of LMT

  • Call reception capacity: more than 220 simultaneous calls;
  • More than 20 000 000 de sms delivered monthly ;
  • More than 70 sms sent per second
  • More than 300 positions in contact center, expandable
  • More than 400 permanent and temporary multilingual teleoperators
  • A client portfolio with more than 500 organizations, companies, locally and internationally

Our values

Professionalism : Listening, analysis of the need, reformulation of the need, attribution of the solution, support.

Innovation : We tailor our solutions to your needs, and even beyond when necessary.

Assistance / Empathy : We do not offer you the impossible, but just what you need, because you are aware of what you want.

Integrity : We keep our promise throughout the relationship.

Our management team

Roger NONO
Chairman and CEO

General manager

Head of the Information Systems and Innovation Department

Madeleine BELOMB
Head of Commercial and Maketing Department

Joseline TEKAPSO
Head of General Affairs Department


Head of Customer Relationship Department

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