Numbering Resources

LMT has its own numbering resources, which it gives to companies for unspecified periods.

LMT numbering resources are divided into two categories:

USSD codes

Despite the high use of smartphones, mobile internet coverage is still low in sub-Saharan Africa. USSD is positioning itself in this context as a channel for the deployment of corporate mobile services for this customer segment.

LMT's USSD offer allows the development of

  • Consulting Services
  • Subscription/registration services
  • Mobile payment services
  • Customer service in self-care

Our support

LMT supports you in the design and implementation of your USSD service by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Opportunity study
  • Development of the interface
  • Management of menus
  • Hosting of service
  • User statistics

Special numbers: 8080 / 88202020

Despite the multiplication of contact channels, phone calling remains the most used channel by customers to get in touch with a brand.

LMT’s special numbers with their features allow brands to define the quality of experience they want to offer their customers.


  • Ease of access
  • Reachability
  • Easy to memorize
  • Self care

Types of numbers

For example, a company's contact number is part of its brand identity, so make no mistake about choosing the right number.

  • AZUR

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