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From Conga’s study of its users, it appears that: :

  • 93% improvement in sales efficiency is due to the automation of purchase orders and sales contracts ;
  • Report generation time is reduced by 80% ;
  • Businesses are five to twelve times more productive.

Customer relationship management is important because customers are important. A Forrester study from September 2018 shows that improving the customer experience drives growth by increasing loyalty. So if you have a long-term view, you can’t ignore the relationship you have with your customersr.

Since 2003, LMT Group has supported organizations from different business sectors in their customer relationship management process.

Indeed, whether you are a company, an administration, an NGO, or even a natural person, we are at your side for all your mass or personalized communication projects with your audience. At each stage of the customer journey, we bring you our expertise:

Commercial development

  • Finances and conquering new opportunities
  • Up and Cross selling
  • Making an appointment for your sales force
  • Generations of qualified leads
  • Direct sale

Loyalty and customer experience

  • Customer service
  • Surveys and polls
  • Service / Hotline
  • Notification
  • Customer file qualification

Fund recovery

  • Reminders before deadlines
  • Deadline notifications
  • Monitoring of repayment plans
  • Facilitation of collection by dematerialization of payments

Customer recovery

  • Reactivation of "dormant" clients
  • Management of abandoned carts

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