Contact Center

In highly competitive and mature markets, customer experience is usually the main element on which companies rely to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Customer relationship is now fundamental for any brand in achieving its strategic and financial objectives.

While all companies agree that customer relationship management (CRM), long misunderstood as a cost center, is a value driver, many companies are still struggling to establish a true CRM culture and choose the right tools.

Aware of this situation, we have built a global approach to our business support offer. Irrespective of their size, we apply the DTE process:


Here we identify at which level you use CRM in your strategy
Together we choose the right tools according to your strategic objectives, your budget and we accompany you in their implementation as well as their use.
this is about steering the performance of customer relationship management.

One of the essential tools in a project to build an exceptional customer experience is the contact centre. We assist you throughout this project in :

  • The determination of missions: Loyalty, intelligence assistance, commercial development, etc. ;
  • The choice of location: outsourcing, insourcing, mutualisation
  • The operational implementation ;
  • Performance management

Centre de contact certifié COPC

Thus, LMT has an Omni channel contact center with more than 300 expandable positions. We use one of the best call processing technologies HERMES.NET and apply the correct procedures for contact centre management according to the COPC standard.

We perform the following missions all over the worl :

Outbound contacts
  • Prospection/Book appointments
  • Qualification and animation of customer database
  • Telesales
  • Telephone administration of questionnaire
  • Poll/Survey
  • File processing
  • Management acts
Inbound contacts
  • Customer Service
  • Information
  • Claims management
  • Order taking / reservation
WEB Tips
  • Information
  • Support

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