More than « Working together », the new LMT dynamic is :

  • Participate in the construction of an innovative company, listening to the customer and to market developments;
  • Share the values ​​of service quality, customer satisfaction, innovation, assistance, integrity;
  • Ensure socio-professional relations based on mutual respect and trust, cooperation, sharing of ideas;
  • Guarantee effective integration of new recruits through sustained support;

These shared values ​​make LMT GROUP a working environment combining professionalism and continuous improvement.

Our jobs

Call Center
  • Head of the Call Center department
  • Head of Customer Relations Center
  • Quality Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Reporting and planning manager
  • Platform manager
  • Team manager
  • Business expert
  • Flow Manager
  • Teleoperator
  • Human resources manager
  • Financial and Accounting Manager
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Executive management
Commercial & Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • Area directors
  • Head of VAS and content
  • Product managers
  • Key account managers
  • Commercials
  • Commandos
  • Head of Information Systems and Innovation Department (ISID)
  • Head of VAS and Product Development
  • Head of Operations and Data Analysis and Reporting Service
  • Developers

Spontaneous application

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